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two more tutorials for premiere guys:

One on Video Transitions

And the other on Exporting for YouTube!

like always you will pick up new tips even if you aren't interested in the subject so make sure you check em out!

Like always remember to subscribe to my youtube and i will be back soon with some more tutorials ;)

Dan Allen
Hey guys, i have recorded a two part tutorial on creating a storm inside of toon boom.

Its pretty cool stuff like always and you can also pick up some exporting tips.

I have a new organization method for two part tutorials where the first part is on above the second part so make sure you watch them in order.

Anyway, keep up the good stuff and i will be back with some new tutorials soon :)

Dan Allen
hey guys!
I am back from holiday so tutorials will resume shortly, i have a lot of work to do as well so i apologize if they are not as frequent!

Nevertheless, i am sure they will be as good as ever.

We have just recorded one of my friend's songs and are in the process of making a music video.

Should be good and we will be selling the song soon.

I will be back with more news soon and more tutorials for you guys.

Dan Allen

PS. Just of topic for a second, anyone check out the PS3 Slim...
Hey Guys,
Just thought i would let you know that i am going on holiday today so there wont be any new stuff for about two weeks.

But i am sure that i will be coming back with lots of fresh ideas!

Check the post below as there is a new Cinema 4D tutorial.

In the mean time, whilst i am away you can always subscribe to my youtube ;)
This way you will be notified when i upload more stuff.

You should also check this page too!

Our short film is pretty much done, we are just working on the special features, i will let you know more news when it becomes available. 
Please buy it to help raise money for our next production. :)

Many thanks &
Happy Holidays

Dan Allen

UPDATE: I have deleted the video blog page for now as all my video blogging is more relevant to my youtube channel than this website! so you can always SUBSCRIBE to my youtube to be notified with new updates!
In this new tutorial we learn to model a 3D DVD Case with custom artwork.
you can find it in the Cinema 4D Section.

There are also lots of cool tips so make sure you watch it.

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Many Thanks and remember to check back here regularly.
Dan Allen

good news guys, i have uploaded the dvd studio pro training series! 

Make sure you check it out!
watch it from the beginning (from bottom of page upwards) so you can follow it.

remember to watch it on my youtube as well, so you can rate comment and subscribe!

see ya soon

many thanks
Dan Allen


As you can probably tell: this website is a working progress! i just wanted to post this first blog post to say welcome, and thanks for coming, I will obviously post new updates when more information becomes available to you. Be sure to check out the video blog.


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